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and reGraduation picture, May 15 2010lated meanderings coincident with my
adventures as a graduate student--and beyond--at 
Home of Grace and Kulchur

I defended my thesis on March 23, 2010; passed! The thesis is posted below. I graduated May 15. On July 1 I started as a Lecturer here in the NCSU physics department, developing distance education courses.

Video interview explaining my work in general terms, April 13 2009

Spherical Microwave Confinement and Ball Lightning

PhD dissertation

  Dr. David Aspnes, committee chair and faculty advisor

Dr. Stephen Reynolds, Dr. Dean Lee,
Dr. Mohamed Bourham, committee members



PowerPoint used March 24, 2010
 in the oral defense of my dissertation

Spherical Microwave Confinement and Ball Lightning






Galleries of lab photos 2006-2009

Beginnings: August & Sept. '06

Construction: Oct. & November '06

All Wired Up: Dec. thru March '07

First Firing: September '07

End of the Year: to Christmas '07

Major Progress: to July '08

Antenna tests: to mid-Aug. '08

Making Mark II Antennas: Sept. '08

Finishing Mark II, BN ceramic, to Jan. '09

Moving to TUNL, to March 1 '09

Improvements at TUNL, to June 1 '09

Return to NCSU, to Sept. 1 '09

VIDEOS: (best played a frame at a time)

FIRST VIDEO! September 2007

Trial of new antenna August 12, '08
Evidence of confinement Nov. 24, '08
(shows central glow using magnetrons and grid, 550 mTorr in air)

Grid only in hydrogen July 17, '09
(powered by capacitor bank, 375 mTorr)






My other stuff



The Oracle Gallery


           From 1985 to 1990 I worked on an experiment in the very strange field of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC), which is an attempt to bridge the gap between the physical and other planes by means of material devices. The project failed, but in time this kind of work could become significant. Here are some pictures from those years. (Also listed on the Spirituality page.)





A research paper in antiquarian verse concerning the Cyclic Universe (Duelling Branes) cosmology of Steinhardt and Turok (Best to be up on your Alexander Pope; Fools Rush In where Angels Fear to Read) written and performed for PY 528 (Astrophysics) class, Spring 2004.

                                                         Colliding Drops

A fun little experiment done at UM in Ann Arbor in the summer of 2003. I had two streams of pulsed water, sometimes mixed with various concentrations of glycerine to change the viscosity, and used a strobe light to freeze or slow down the motion. Also I rigged a thin stainless wire to charge the drops with up to 35 kV. (Not safe--do not do this at home.) After a long wait, a paper describing this work was published in the American Journal of Physics in October 2015.


                                                         Boat Design

In 1993, while in prison for LSD, I studied yacht design, improvising as best I could given the circumstances. I corresponded with noted boat designer Phil Bolger, who had a libertarian streak and thought it absurd that I was incarcerated. My aim was to design a pocket cruiser for long ocean voyages that I could build myself. Here's an article that I wrote for the magazine Messing About In Boats in March, 1995.


Other folks' work

On the Effectiveness of Aluminum Foil Helmets:

An Empirical Study


An important MIT study  dealing with matters critical to microwave research, heretical mind-sets, resistance to group-think, and keeping your gray matter at least medium rare

Forbidden Archeology, by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson
reviewed by Colin Groves
(This is a book that tries to prove that Hindu mythology is literally true, and argues in favor of the Hindu version of creationism. A disturbing example of pseudoscience.)

McGuire Family History

Large file                 Medium file

 a video from 2003 featuring my completely tasteless Stephen Hawking parody...

A musical interlude

I'm a Physicist and That's Just Fine

for Bass-Baritone and Piano   
(recording of premiere performance by DeMar Neal, baritone, and Kent Lyman, piano;
see Music Page for more details.
   MP3    Score  )


                                  I'm a Physicist and that's just fine-
                                  It's much better than a life of crime.
                                  If you really want to see me sneer,
                                 Just imply I'm an engineer.

                                 I fuss with numbers transcendental;
                                When I was young they called me mental.
                                If it can't be measured, it don't exist-
                                In this here science, that's the gist.
                                We need evidence, with fame for finders.
                                For spooky things, we've got on blinders-
                                UFOs and ghosts and prayer,
                                Hippies, preachers, tall blue hair.

                                 I'm a skeptic, tried and true;
                                 My origin is Cosmic Goo.
                                 I can calculate the odds,
                                 Which, though Zero, admit no Gods.

                                 I sit inside and study all day;
                                 My eyes are dim, my skin is gray.
                                 My way with women is legen-dary-
                                 I'll meet one someday, don't mean maybe!

                                 I'm a Physicist and that's just fine-
                                 It's much better than a life of crime.
                                 From Giga to Femto, from Cosmos to Quark,
                                 One man's Genius is another man's Dork.
                                 If Dork I must be, then Dork I must be;
                                 The Answer to Everything is--

Bill Robinson     January 2004 (music composed Nov. 28-Dec. 7 2004)

For more science songs, check out http://singaboutscience.org/wp/homepage/



  Uncertain, Texas

Heisenberg's Home Town